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What is is one of the largest directories to find a local mortgage advisor or broker near you. Here you will find all the information you will need to get yourself moving in the right direction. All the important contact details are provided for your convenience.

Who is a mortgage advisor and what does he do?

A mortgage advisor is someone who connects mortgage borrowers with lenders. They themselves do not offer loans but represent other lenders and offer their products. They also have the important job of personally finding the right mortgage for a borrower.
        Mortgage brokers are experts in the field of mortgages and related mortgage products. As they are independent from any company their advice is almost always in your best interest. Keeping that in mind they also have access to mortgages that only they can offer as they are more flexible as compared to banks or mortgage companies.

Why Do You Need A Mortgage Advisor?

It makes no difference if you are a first time buyer looking for a appropriate mortgage or someone looking for a brand new mortgage to buy a second home, a mortgage broker has the know how to be able to find you the mortgage you need, and because they are specialists, they have an advantage over most independent financial advisors who will not know the mortgage industry as well as a mortgage broker.
        In effect, mortgage brokers are a one-stop shop for mortgages and save you from looking all over for the best deal. So in short, the advantage of using a UK mortgage advisor is that mortgage advisor should offer you impartial mortgage advice on a variety of mortgage products.

Which Ones for You?

How do you know if that mortgage advisor is right for you? Make sure that they are registered with The Financial Services Authority (FSA); they regulate all UK mortgage brokers; however you should also make sure that the mortgage broker you select has appropriate professional insurance.

A mortgage advisor should offer full advice and proposal service. This means they will ask questions regarding your current financial situation, but also perceive what your future plans and goes are, and makes sure you make all the right moves in order to meet them. He should then give you honest and unbiased advisor in writing.

In terms of fees, you may have to pay an initial consultation fee. This is often a percentage of the amount you want to borrow for your mortgage or a percentage of the value of the home you want to buy. On the other hand your mortgage advisor may earn commission from the mortgage lenders for mortgages sold on their behalf. If so he should clearly indicate to you how much he will be earning off them. However before deciding on a mortgage advisor, you should establish how much you will be expected to pay, and what service you will be getting in return. This is in addition to making sure your mortgage advisor adheres to the rules of the FSA. Sorting these issues form the outset insures you are with the right mortgage advisor.


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Here are some things your should be aware of when your going out to get yourself a mortgage or while looking for a mortgage broker.

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